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Why Businesses should display prices on their website?

should we display price on website

Its been more than 8 years, we have been designing and developing websites. During this period 99% of our customers have said no to the displaying prices on their website and when we asked why not? We have received following responses.

1. Its not done in our industry
2. What happens if my competitor sees it.
3. All our pricing is custom, nothing is standard.
4. We would never do that

Lets have a look at the response number 1 It’s not done in our industry. When we have scenario like this we say it is an opportunity which we should grab. Since nobody in your industry is displaying prices on the web you have the best possible opportunity to rank higher probably on page 1 of search engines for the terms related to the price or cost of your products and services. When there is no competition for these keywords you are ultimately the only one to be listed for those keywords and you will easily get high rankings without much effort. Apart from this displaying price builds trust. Visitors get an understanding regarding the value you are offering for that price or cost.