Author: Nikhil Rajhans

Nick is an entrepreneuer and consultant. He has been working in the domain of web since 2008. He specializes in increasing conversion ratio and digital marketing. When he is not working, you will find him enjoying with friends and family or visiting tourist destinations. You can contact him at and on twitter @nikhilrajhans

Digital Marketing – SEO, Social Media or Content Marketing

Digital Marketing

We have observed that local businesses  had a little or no knowledge about digital marketing. A lot of people had started giving information or advice about digital marketing which is not correct and may hamper your progress. Half knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge. Lets understand what is Social Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing and how we can effectively use them in our current marketing strategy.

Why Businesses should display prices on their website?

should we display price on website

Its been more than 8 years, we have been designing and developing websites. During this period 99% of our customers have said no to the displaying prices on their website and when we asked why not? We have received following responses.

1. Its not done in our industry
2. What happens if my competitor sees it.
3. All our pricing is custom, nothing is standard.
4. We would never do that

Lets have a look at the response number 1 It’s not done in our industry. When we have scenario like this we say it is an opportunity which we should grab. Since nobody in your industry is displaying prices on the web you have the best possible opportunity to rank higher probably on page 1 of search engines for the terms related to the price or cost of your products and services. When there is no competition for these keywords you are ultimately the only one to be listed for those keywords and you will easily get high rankings without much effort. Apart from this displaying price builds trust. Visitors get an understanding regarding the value you are offering for that price or cost.

Homework to do before approaching a website designer or website development company.

web design

Our Website is nothing but our shop or store or office in the digital world. The care and study which we all do before setting up our shop or business, the same study and care we have to take before designing and developing the website.

1. Define Who you are and What you do

Defining who you are and what you do clearly and completely and explaining the same to your web designer will help in designing your website which will portray your right image in the digital world.

2. Define all possible persona’s of your target audience

Persona is a collection or group of people having similar characters, behaviours, demographics that might use your product or services. These personas will help a designer to understand the user base of your product or services and in suggesting colour themes for the website and a content marketer can help draft a message and also other marketing material which will help in converting prospect into the customer.

Why Indian Retailers should have a website?

Retail Market

1. Consumer’s buying behaviour

In India, currently consumers have become more knowledgeable and perform a thorough research. Consumers of 3 tier city are not an exception to this.

So what has changed?

Consumers first decide which product to buy and then they do a thorough research. Once they are done with the research they start establishing criteria and based on these criteria they compare the products in that range. After this step the consumer decides on which product s/he would like to buy.