Why Businesses should display prices on their website?

should we display price on website

Its been more than 8 years, we have been designing and developing websites. During this period 99% of our customers have said no to the displaying prices on their website and when we asked why not? We have received following responses.

1. Its not done in our industry
2. What happens if my competitor sees it.
3. All our pricing is custom, nothing is standard.
4. We would never do that

Lets have a look at the response number 1 It’s not done in our industry. When we have scenario like this we say it is an opportunity which we should grab. Since nobody in your industry is displaying prices on the web you have the best possible opportunity to rank higher probably on page 1 of search engines for the terms related to the price or cost of your products and services. When there is no competition for these keywords you are ultimately the only one to be listed for those keywords and you will easily get high rankings without much effort. Apart from this displaying price builds trust. Visitors get an understanding regarding the value you are offering for that price or cost.

If you fear that your competitor might see your pricing and will start charging less as compared to yours then my friend let me tell you that your pricing or cost is an open secret. Its very easy to know what are your charges are or cost. Your competitor can ask his friend or relative to visit you as a potential buyer and will understand everything about your product or service along with your charges and cost. The other observation we have is that most of our customers had said that they do not offer the cheapest prices in the market but provides quality service or product or both to their customers. Which means they are already successfully explaining their customers the value they are offering. Another thing to understand is that not everyone is your customer. You may not want to spend time in convincing someone about your products and services who cannot afford it.

Yes there are businesses who offers customised services or products which have multiple options due to which one cannot display exact prices on their website. In such cases we recommend to display a price range or a ballpark figure of that particular product or service. Also certain consumers believe that if price or cost is not mention means the product or service must be costly enough that they can’t afford. Oh you are a wholesaler and provides pricing depending upon the quantity or past purchases. In that case you can provide tier plans like prices for bronze members is x, for gold members is y and platinum members it is z or you can offer discounts to these customers.

And now the last response we would never do that. When we asked why? Most of them said the customers might get a sticker shock. Sticker shock means when customers sees the price they get shocked and feels that product or service is over priced. And they feel that when they meet them in person and explain them the value that has been offered or quality of product or service, the customers view changes. Well in this case you are missing the point. Your website is your digital shop or office where customers are coming to understand about your products and services. If your website is not portraying the value you are offering then its not worth it. In order to do so we suggest showing customers feedback who has bought that particular product or opted that service service besides the value of the product or service. Also display all the features of that products or services and provide them a reason why they should purchase it.

The goal is to own the price and value dialogue of your product or service. Every buyer searches for the price as part of the purchase decision. Nobody buys it without know the cost and the value it is offering. As a business you should be able to control this crucial aspect of the buying decision.

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sfdgsdgf 2 comments on “Why Businesses should display prices on their website?


    Hii Nick, Just being a good and positive Critic (Paradox) sending comment – No Offence please

    Its a Good Post ! But I don’t find pricing in your website anywhere after reading this!

    While explaining 2nd question – in 2nd para start with – If you fear that your “customer” or “Competitor” might see – Check words in inverted Comma if is there correction…


    • Nikhil Rajhans on

      Hi Jitesh,

      Thank you for pointing out the mistake. We have rectified it.

      Yes at the moment we are not displaying any pricing on our website. As we have just revamped our website and we are doing a bit of experiments with it. We don’t have a fix cost or have packages its mostly tailored according to the clients needs. So earlier we had a page which would give an approximate idea of what the work would cost for doing xyz work. We will be blogging about pricing on our website itself wherein we will be able discussing extensively about pricing and services or work involved in it. Keep watching this space for more updates regarding it.


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