Homework to do before approaching a website designer or website development company.

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Our Website is nothing but our shop or store or office in the digital world. The care and study which we all do before setting up our shop or business, the same study and care we have to take before designing and developing the website.

1. Define Who you are and What you do

Defining who you are and what you do clearly and completely and explaining the same to your web designer will help in designing your website which will portray your right image in the digital world.

2. Define all possible persona’s of your target audience

Persona is a collection or group of people having similar characters, behaviours, demographics that might use your product or services. These personas will help a designer to understand the user base of your product or services and in suggesting colour themes for the website and a content marketer can help draft a message and also other marketing material which will help in converting prospect into the customer.

3. Purpose of a website.

Every website is designed and developed with an aim, a purpose. If you don’t know the purpose then how you can expect the results or even measure a website’s performance. A website can have multiple purposes like

1. Creating Brand Awareness
2. Increasing Sales
3. Generating Leads
4. Act as Information Center.
5. Nurture Leads.

4. Functionalities

List down all the functionalities you want in your website. For example you would like to have a functionality to edit text on your website, change images in the gallery, facility to email bulk subscribers, calculate interest or amount.

This will help them in providing more accurate time-scale required to complete the project and also provide you more approximate cost.

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